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Whelmed, But Not Overly

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Mrs. Crossfire and I want to Thank All of The Sexy Ladies and Gentleman That Made Today A Success!!!

We Love Seeing All The Couples Coming Together Having Fun And Taking Pics Together or Showing Off Their Beautiful Women.

We Started This Event For All Of Us Here on Tumblr To Have Fun, Feel Sexy and Embrace Our Bodies and Their Beauty.

Thank You For The Support and Lovely Messages!!! We Are Glad You Guys Are Enjoying This As Much As We Are.

Tomorrow is Freaky Friday So Lets Have Some Fun, Get Naughty With Your Partner(s) and Snap A Pic and Send It Over.

Btw If You Want To Send In Pics You Have Already Taken and Want To Share…Go For It.

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"Remember We Are All Beautiful, In Our Own Way"

my beautiful friends the cross fires !!!

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